GTD : Finally – the apps I will use

After much faffing around, I believe I have finally settled on the productivity apps I will be using to achieve my main mission in life:
MS Office 2010 is installed on my small business network of 3 PC’s plus 1 Laptop so it makes sense to leverage that. Outlook for business emails emanating from Gmail as well as from a local ISP, MWeb.
I also have a great Android phone – HTC Desire.- and have downloaded some great apps for it. So all good.
My main aim was having everything GTD available and synced on all devices and that’s where the proverbial hit the fan. I wasted far too much time fiddling around with MobileNoter for Android trying to get the app to work seamlessly between phone and my server PC. It eventually just got too frustrating and support was really less than satisfactory so I gave up. I was really upset about that as I am a big fan of One Note.
What I did get from MobileNoter though was a great little app called Ever2One Converter.
I played for quite a while with Producteev and actually loved it – I have realized how important beautiful visuals are to me.. not that MS Outlook is in any way beautiful!!
There are many others that I could have tried but like so many of us I realized that I could have spent years following the ‘latest and greatest’ and still not be satisfied with my choices.
Enter Evernote. IMHO THE Big Daddy of productivity apps 🙂 I have come to the conclusion that this app is the answer for me. Have coughed up for the premium version.
I have downloaded, printed and bound the other two ‘Big daddies” – “Evernote Essentials” by Brett Kelly and, of course, “Evernote: The unofficial Guide to capturing everything and getting things done” by my friend Dan Gold.
The latter e-book is not a ‘how-to’ publication and I have added another Dan Gold doc to my printed e-book: ‘Five Phases of Workflow’. This is a shared WorkFlowy and I feel it would a newbie good insight into how to apply GTD in Evernote.
Right! Let the games begin!
Made a great start yesterday by getting my personal Gmail inbox down to zero! Now for the Outlook Inbox which is still overflowing; snakes reside there!

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GTD : Baby steps

Time to get serious!

I have, of this morning, processed my personal Gmail inbox down to ZERO!!! A couple of hundred reptiles were resident there. So, major achievement in this little old lady’s life.



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GTD – enabling the good life?

My world is beautiful
Love to ramble when the computer allows me to!

All right. I was going to leave the ubiquitous “Hello World!” title to this first post on my latest blog. Funny how so many people just leave it ‘as is’ when they start up a WordPress blog. Changed my mind.

Well, I am here. As you can see! I have no time to be here. But I have to be here. That does not make sense I know.

I will write and, I am sure, bore you to tears with my posts. Sometime I am truly inspired by what I am writing about and at other times I battle to string two sentences together.

In the meantime, I will tweak, fiddle and hopefully finally come up with a blog that pleases and nourishes my aesthetic senses as well as my never ceasing quest for a balanced lifestyle. Getting a bit late in the day some would say but that’s just me. I will be a student to the end of my days!

So here I am:  Small business owner; wife; mother; proud granny; sometime bank manager; sometime crafter; sometime health nut; … you name it and I have pretty much done it. Been there, done that; got the T-shirt and the video.

This blog will be about my quest to regain control over my life; my business; … no scrap that….. let’s just say my quest to climb back into the driver’s seat of a life chariot that has careered off course in the last year. In fact, exactly a year this week.

Think: GTD; Getting Things Done; Productivity; Leisure time; Bucket List. Oh yes, especially bucket list!

See ya soon!

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